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Sparkly Girls
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Sparkly Girls is a community for people who like girls of pop music to post news, icons, pictures, wallpapers, audio & video clips, fanfic and fanart.

1. There is no bashing of anyone in the community, not of members or any of the Sparkly Girls. There is a fine line between expressing dislike and being rude.
2. Please do not introduce yourself to the community. Just be active by posting information and commenting.
3. Any media offered up--videos, audio, pictures or graphics--should be uploaded on your own server or on a free host like yousendit.com, imageshack.us, photobucket.com or tinypic.com. Comment when downloading any music, video or graphics that are not yours. Do not steal anything you did not make, and make sure you credit any graphic makers unless they state otherwise.
4. No direct linking of any media (pictures, audio, etc.). Not from other sites to the community, and not from the community to your personal journal or anywhere else.
5. Try to keep your posts related to the girls mentioned in the interests lists, but if there is a new pop female artist you'd like to introduce (preferably with audio samples), go ahead.
6. No advertising without moderator approval.
7. Always post a link to your source when posting information, as well as putting the title in the subject line. Any large pictures or graphics should be behind a lj-cut. Please check to the community to see if your info has been posted before you do so.
8. No lurking. The members' list will be periodically cut down without warning. Participate by replying to threads and posting information. There are plenty of links to fansites to find information from your favorite Sparkly Girls. Bandwidth theft and lack of participation may result in closing open membership to the community.
9. You must join with your active journal. I've seen many journals where people only have communities listed. If you are doing this, you will be deleted and banned. If your journal is inactive for more than a few weeks, you will be deleted. Please make sure you put sparkly_girls on your friend's list as well as join.
10. If you are removed from the community, there is a reason. See the rules above. Do not harrass any mods about rejoining.

Founder: secret_angel
Maintainer: ilovethebooti

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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If you would like to be an affliiate, email info is at the top. Please contact me with your community name and a brief description of your community. Thanks!

Want to promote? Please upload one of the following buttons to your own server:

Sparkly Girls Moodtheme courtesy of ilovethebooti. See the entire moodtheme here.

Sparkly Girls Are Love
Courtesy of hollywoodsign


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